Grateful for Pictures, Part 2

The crazy cuteness continues....

1.  Me on Easter morning, sometime in the early 1980s.  I still look this crazy when looking for things in the morning.

 2.  Thanksgiving in Greenwood.  I would like to draw your attention to not only my extremely white base makeup, but also to the leopard "suit" I'm wearing.  I think it's from JC Penny's (Or Sears) it was a black skirt with a smart matching "blazer" (none of the buttons were functional) with a leopard trim.  I. Loved. That. Outfit.

3.  Jennifer and I in front of the Banana tree as kids.  It wasn't really a banana tree, I just remember thinking it should be a banana tree. 

4.  Look at that bald headed Chickey. 

5.  All us girls with dad.  Check those glasses.  And the bangs.

I'm grateful for these pictures!!!


  1. To go along with your leopard suit, it looks like I'm sporting boys' wranglers, a white button up, and fleece vest. Of course my newest plastic horse had to make the cut.

  2. i am just going to say thank goodness we cannot actually see what i am wearing. i am sure it was very scary.