Late Gratitude

Ooops.  Ran out of time - here is my daily gratitude list from 11.20.10. 

1.  I am grateful for time spent with the Baby Girl.  She spent a minute at my crib this weekend.  In an effort to make my house more child friendly, we played with electronic devices and danced to a Paul Simon DVD.  I think her favorite part of the evening was when she jammed out by beating on my TiVo. 

2.  I am grateful for these socks.  A life saver when worn with boots on a chilly evening. 

3.  I am grateful for small, easy to peel oranges. 

4.  I am grateful for time spent with family that I never get to see.  

5.  I am grateful for Gringo, the Golden Retriever with a major case of separation anxiety.  This makes for good snuggling - even if it's just some foot to foot action. 


  1. Gringo is grateful for you, and especially for the Brandon! Thanks for always so graciously opening your home to my needy (not-so) little man!!