Lessons from the Machine

Good Saturday morning to you!  It's a beautiful day here in the Delta, the possibilities of what to do today are endless.  Right now, I'm complete sucked into a 30 Minute Meal episode.  Did you know that if you peel fresh ginger and stick it in the freezer...it grates beautifully?  Oh Rachel Ray.  Your kitchen knowledge kill me.  I'm sticking this information in my "I want to remember this" book.  

So for today's gratitude list, I would like to share some lessons I've learned.  Not just any lessons though, but lessons I've learned from my trusty sewing machine.  

Sidenote: it's high time my sewing machine had a name, you should make a suggestion in the comment section of this blog....I've hit a wall.  

Back to the lessons from the machine.  Yesterday, I designated the small window of time between getting off work and meeting friends at Giardinas to sewing.  But not just sewing any project, oh no.  Sewing a pleated purse.  Out of faux crocodile.  Dream big!  

Turns out, faux crocodile isn't the easiest thing in the world to sew.  This led to lots of sweating, foot stomping, and alterations to the original pattern. 

Today....I am grateful for the life lessons that I've learned from the sewing machine. Beware, this gets kind of nerd-alertish. 

1.  Things are easier when you don't get into a rush.

2.  Don't be afraid to try new things.

3.  It's ok to take a break from something...most of the time when you come back to the situation, it makes more sense.  

4.  Know when to abort and switch to plan B.

5.  Be proud of yourself, no matter what the outcome.    
So there you have it, my gratitude for lessons from my sewing machine.  In regards to the purse - I'm pretty proud of the old girl.  I'm in love with the pleat but hate that I had to switch from a croc strap to a fabric strap.  The machine just could not handle sewing through four layers of croc.  The sound it was making was kind of scary.  Here is the pattern if anyone is interested in trying it out!

**Rachel Ray update....she just made Pimento Mac and Cheese.  Hello, love.      

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  1. i would like to commission a cute lil romper or something for my niece!