Monday Gratitude

I've had a chill in my bones all day and am grateful to have things to be grateful for.

1. I'm grateful for a sunny song to make up for the not so sunny day. It took me a while before I liked this song, and while the video might be a little bit odd, her voice is amazing.  Keep it weird, Florence.

2.  I'm grateful for an office with a window. 

3.  I'm grateful for getting LOTS of sleep last night, even if it meant I overslept a tad by an hour. 

4.  I'm grateful that I got to have lunch with Clare before she journeys back to Denver. 

5.  I'm grateful for the loot I received on said lunch date with Clare.  Enter my KD Bid Day t shirt from 2000 and the rock that she and Lindsey toted around with them on their camping trip to pretend that I was there.  I'm such a pretty rock.   


  1. I cannot BELIEVE that she actually brought that rock!!! We really did tote it around during our hike. And then she tried to make me pack it up in my busting full suitcase and lug it back to Mississippi for you. I kindly left it on her floor. Never did I imagine she would bring it herself! Love it!!!

  2. If you like Dog Days Are Over, then have you heard You've Got the Love? It's one of my favorites---so happy--- and makes this usually non dancer shake it a little! :)