On the 10th day of Gratitude.....

So here's what I got for today....

1.  I'm grateful for this one certain little snuggle bug that can really rock some Alex and Leo.  And what about that style?  Red corduroy jumper AND orange ruffle pants?  Please.  Amazing.  However.  She is waaaay to busy chasing dogs to pose for pictures....

2.  I'm grateful for a sassy new apron. 

3.  I'm grateful that Ginny and I introduced the concept of Gratitude Boxes to groups at work today - it was fun. 

4.  I'm grateful for nights with friends.

5.  I'm grateful for trusty recipes that make getting rear ended on a rainy day all better. 

1 comment:

  1. I believe the 10th day of gratitude is a great day to start giving thanks.

    1. God's amazing grace
    2. The most wonderful family in the world that includes: the most amazing mother/teacher/advice-giver/dancer/cook in the world, the two best friends/sisters you could ever have, a proud daddy (+ the evil steps that aren't so evil), fun/wise/God-fearing grandparents, and the small cohort of Shelties we have had as pets over the years (may they rest).
    3. Miracle babIES
    4. My main squeeze TI (No not the rapper, but I am extremely thankful for him as well..) and my fun and cute friends
    5. The fact that I can say that I kinda-sorta almost in a way have only two and a half semesters of pharmacy school left
    6. I am going to have to break the rules and be thankful for a sixth thing.. The fact that I recently discovered BBQ Quesadillas from the Rib Cage in Oxford. If you've never had them, do it.