Quick Tater

Looking for a quick lunch idea?  'Taters!  Baked ones, that is. My buddy Susan surprised me with my very own cook it in the microwave potato to have for lunch.  Quite easy and very versatile.  And snugly. 

Like a pair of good brown boots. A pair that I keep seeing people wear but cannot find myself.  Grrrrrr. 

But back to potatoes.  Really, anything goes.  One large one is 3 points - the rest is up to you.  Get as wild as you want.  Here is mine...

A little crazy looking, yes I agree.  But it was also good and low in points. 

1 baked potato (medium - 2.5 points)
spray butter
1 slice of 2 % American cheese
1/4 cup salsa
5 turkey pepperonis

WW points 5
Points Plus 6

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