Slacker Gratitude

I feel like such the slacker with the recipes.  Good news though....pumpkin dip and broccoli salad are coming up soon.  Woo!! 

Where I don't slack though is on the gratitude.  Go me!  Go me!  Here is today's list....

1.  I'm grateful for that I got to attend Nanny's 80th birthday bonanza blowout bash.  Maybe it wasn't a "blow out"  but there was a candle that could have possibly "blown up" so I guess that's close enough. 


Here's the birthday girl...doesn't she look pretty?  And doesn't Brandon look a little concerned about that flame throwing candle? He appears to be looking for the nearest exit.   

Alex checking out the harvest themed center piece. 

Jennifer and Alex, being cute and innocent looking.  

2.  I'm grateful for birthday dinners at Vince's and running into friends unexpectedly.

3.  I'm grateful for Sirius Prime Country and for singing along to 90s country hits with the Brandon. 

4.  I am grateful that it's almost time to start watching Christmas Vacation.

5.  I am grateful for being speedy when getting ready in the morning.        

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