Thanksgiving is a week from today.  Whoa, now.  The hunt begins for Chevre cheese and disposable carrying dishes.  Everybody, prepare for a good visit. 

In the meantime, here is my daily dose of gratitude.

1.  I am grateful that many moons ago, Lindsey shared with me her Pandora play list.  It's called "Lindsey Ann" and is one of the most random assortments of music I've ever encountered.  Today, Dolly Parton's "Silver Threads and Golden Needles" came on and I just had to share.  I wanted to share a video from what appeared to be a CMA performance from the early 90s, but the site would not allow it.  Sad.  Loretta Lynn's white pagent dress was breathtaking and the camera panned the audience to show a Judd sister with about 3 tons of fake flowers in her hair.  Oh, 90's fashion. 

2.  I am grateful that I have a funny family.

3.  I am grateful that others share their gratitude.  

4.  I am grateful for old school yellow Tupperware. 

5.  I am grateful for an empty sink.    

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  1. So glad you are still enjoying Lindsey AnnE, the station. I have some more I need to send you....ever since my ipod was stolen (when we forgot to lock my car in the french quarter...smaaaaart) and my sirius died, Pandora and I have become really tight. I think you'd be a big fan of the "Wooo Hoo" and "Yee Haw" stations too. Oh, Dolly. You make my Friday.