Getting in the Spirit

For starters, I bet that my duplex neighbor is getting real tired of me walking around the house belting out Christmas songs at the top of my lungs.  I can hear her microwave her breakfast in the morning so I'm pretty positive she's listening to me try to hit every note in O Holy Night.  I can't hit every note in O Holy Night, just in case you were wanting to hire me out for your next holiday party. 

I have started to listen to this song over and over again so at least I have some music to back me.  Sorry, Mrs. T.  If I sounded like girl from Sugarland, I would sing everything that came out of my mouth.  With soul.   

I digress.  Back to getting into the spirit. 

Like any crafty nerd, I spent a big chunk of my Saturday night finishing up my Christmas stockings.  This was intense, considering that I didn't have a pattern and had to use my seam ripper more than twice.  Here they are, hanging on my particle board bookshelves , right in front of the Phish Companion and a book about The Grateful Dead.  Just a-waitin' to get monogrammed.  Red?  White?  What kind of script?  

Anyone interested in sewing their own stockings for Christmas - it's very easy.  I based these stockings on this pattern and only made a few alterations.  I did not use the stocking crown and added a contrasting pattern on top.  I also added a lining and played around with it until it worked how I wanted.  In one of them, the lining cuts off right in the center.  After trying to stuff the lining down into the curly q toe, I went into a small fit of rage and just hacked the lining in half.  Luckily, I remembered to sew the lining together so Christmas gifts wouldn't get lost in the abyss.  Only problem is that whoever gets this stocking will only get half the loot as the other stocking.  This means no extra large bottles of body wash.  And probably no oranges.  Cash would fit nicely though....

I hope this post finds you getting in the holiday spirit...or perhaps annoying your neighbors and / or loved ones with constant singing.  Both would be good. 

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