My Ghis.....

A "ghi," in chase your wondering, is the same thing as a "girl." It is a hard G and is pronounced the same as "knee."

This weekend, just a few of my ghis came together to witness the Greenwood Christmas Parade and enjoy a rollicking good time together.  Some of them, especially Kathryn, share my appreciation for a good marching band and a fireworks display.  As she said as the first band marched by....

"It touches my soul."

Dually noted, ghi.
Me, Lindsey, Kathryn, Kallie, Leah

Of course, these are not all of the ghis.  Several were missing due to distance, child raising, and the overall weight of life.  The rest of you were greatly missed.  

I love my ghis dearly - their support and love and encouragement help me more and more the older I get.  Not to mention, the most of them are kind of lunatics so the situations that we find ourselves in never cease to be amazing.  

Friends are a gift.....be they new or old, transitional or permanent, just like you or completely different.  I am grateful for mine. 

That is all.  Happy Sunday. 

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