Touching Base

Hey there. Happy Tuesday.  

Not to much going on in my corner of the world, just dog sittin' and trying to recover from the holidays.  Wanted to touch base (I'm turning into my mom) and let you know about the great recipe transformation of 2010.  That will probably become the great recipe transformation of 2011 as well.  Since the switch from WW Points to Points Plus, I've been working to get all of the recipes on the blog switched over to the new point values.  This has been more annoying than I predicted.  I can't really pin point one thing about it that is annoying, just that I'm annoyed. 

But it must be done. 

I'm hoping to have all of the recipes switched over in the next few days.  It's also worth mentioning that some of them have been kind of wonky as they were switched over.  And some of them I couldn't switch over because of things like not having a clue how many serving sizes the dish was or something silly like that. 

This got me to thinking that I should remind everyone that all of the serving sizes, points, etc on this blog are approximations.  I do my best to get them as close to perfect as possible, but the only person perfect is the Lord and I'm not trying to compete. 

I leave you with some Sufjian. 

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  1. Thank God you left us with some happy tunes after that depressing post....

    Just joshing ghi. Hope the rest of the conversions go off without a hitch...