Wrap It Up All Warm and Snuggly

No, I've not made another wrap sandwich.  In fact, I'm still working on that soup I made earlier in the week.  Leftovers - you are both a blessing and a curse. 

I just wanted to share with you one of my most favorite Christmas gifts I received.  It was from my little sister Chickey and I must say that it rocks. In fact, I'm kind of bummed that I wore it  yesterday as today would have been the most perfect day to wear it.  It's all clouded out here in Ruleville.  

Doesn't that look all warm and cozy?  I by no means consider myself to be a fashion expert of any kind, but this is one of those things that is comfortable and cozy while not making you look like you are wearing a potato sack.  Which is awesome.  I have the taupe heather but am thinking that this heather one with the coral stripe would be a nice addition.  You should get yourself one.  You can find them here.  They're on sale. 


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