A Birthday Poem for Chickey

Today is a pretty big day you see;
the little sis Chick has turned 23.

Wait just a second?  How could this be?
I remember when over the counter she could not see.   

From Chiclet to Chickey in a very short time;
when she got those braces off, we knew she would shine.

Lover of horses, hot chocolate, and bulldogs too;
with her fierce determination there's nothing she cannot do.

She's sweet, for sure, but cross her if you dare;
I say this because on my head, she once broke a chair.

Payback this was as I once told a little lie,
explaining that if she ate ice she would, for sure, die.

Mean, I agree, but she's turned out just fine.
Enjoying ice now, sometimes with a lime.

The baby she is of our fam-a-ly
and she is so funny it will make you slap your knee.

I am certain, for sure, she gets this from me
or maybe it's from our stellar family tree.

Smart as a whip, pretty and kind;
good at giving advice when I am in a bind.

Do you have a little sister that brightens your day?
If you do you should call her, just to say 'hey!'

Join me as I send mine birthday love and big cheers;
make it so loud that she hears them in her ears.

Happy Birthday to you, my sweet little Chick;
may the joy you have today forever and always stick.

I love you!

Don't worry readers, I'm not going to quit my day job to persue a job in poetry writing.  And I apologize for the offensive grammar. 


  1. I LOVE THIS!! And didn't even notice the offensive grammar...

    Happy Birthday Chickey...I love you, even if I am a Life Ruiner sometimes!!

  2. This is adorable!! Happy Birthday Jessica!