Chowdy (Jamaican Seafood Chowder)


You know.....like howdy.  But we're cooking chowder so today it's chowdy.  I really do crack myself up.

This is a recipe that I saw on the super cute blog Must Be the Waters.  Not only is the blog super cute, but Maggie wore a super cute dress to the New Years Eve wedding that I just can't get over.  Cuteness abounds. 

This is one of this recipes that I just couldn't get out of my head.  I was so curious.  Could this work?  Could this work with the changes it would need to be a little more point friendly?  I was on a mission. 

I should also be on a mission to stop chipping my dishes.  

The end result was quite impressive.  Good flavor, lots of spice, the perfect amount of chowdery comfort for this chilly chilly weekend.  Did I mention it was easy?  Because it's easy as pie.  It's also got some heat to it....so be warned.  It kind of made my nose run. 

I do wish that I would have had access to fresh seafood.  However, the canned shrimp didn't kill me, and the crab I found at my store claimed to be real and natural.  Heck, it was expensive enough.  

Jamaican Seafood Chowder

1 small package of Red Beans and Rice (I used this one)
2 cups of fat free sour cream
3 cups of fat free milk
8 oz shrimp (I used canned)
8 oz crab meat
2 tbl jerk seasoning
10 slices of reduced fat pepper jack cheese, Sargento brand, chopped up
15 oz can of corn, drained
small can of green chilies, drained
1 tbl lime juice

In a large pot, prepare the red beans and rice according to package directions, omitting butter/oil.  Add sour cream, milk, cheese.  Heat, stirring until cheese melts.  Do not bring to a boil. 

Add corn, chilies, lime juice, stir until combined. 

Serving size 1 cup (makes about 11 servings)
Points Plus 5

P.S. - We haven't been hit by the crazy-town winter weather yet....it's coming though.  It's coming.    

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