Fast Food on Friday and Guranteed Laughs

I kind of cringe as I write this post.  Why?  Well because last night I spent a large amount of time talking with a friend about the horrors of fast food and the health problems it causes.  So what do I do today?  Well, I go to Wendy's of course. 

Let me start from the beginning.  I woke up this morning with one of my annoying Migraine headaches. This is not a huge deal as they don't leave incapacitated, only feeling not quite right. Besides making my nose tingle, they also leave me feeling absolutely ravenous. I'm not a neurologist, so I can't say why, but I know that after the headache goes away all I want is a Coke heavy and a loaf of Cotton white bread.  Isn't that strange? 

As I was all broke down with the Migraine, I didn't pack my lunch this morning.  I didn't want Subway (or the cafeteria) so I was put to the test to find something to eat for lunch that would not totally blow the points.  I was also looking for quick and cheap... wasn't in the mood to spend 12$ on a sandwich today.  After doing some research, I settled on this little meal from the Wendy's.   

A kids meal Coke heavy (I could not stop myself) 2 points
Side salad (mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, carrots) 0 points
Jr Hamburger (comes with mustard, ketchup, pickles and onions) 6 points

The coke heavy made my afternoon, the burger was pretty tasty, and the salad (with a little bit of zesty Italian) was a good way to add some bulk to the meal. I was quite impressed with how fresh the salad tasted.  Go on with your bad self, Wendy's!

In guaranteed laughs news, Go Delta State!  I am so excited about this upcoming show at the Bologna Performance Arts Center.  Brandon and I went to see The Second City when we went to Chicago a few years ago, and it remains one of the funniest things I've ever seen...

You should come, we'll be there!  Tickets available here

Happy Friday, party people!  Stay warm. 

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