Forever Young - Remembering My Roots

I had the wonderful opportunity yesterday to speak at my grandmother's "Forever Young" luncheon. Put on by the church I grew up in, it was a wonderful opportunity to remember my roots and see some faces that I haven't seen in a very long time.

Like a REAL long time.

There were women that came up to me, hugged my neck, and told me about how they used to rock me in the nursery when i was a "bed baby." There were old teachers, both Sunday School and grade school, along with choir directors and friends.  It was such a surreal feeling to see all of these people again that literally helped me grow up. 

While I may belong to a different church now in another town, I remember and respect where I came from and was happy to be able to return and maybe even give back in some way.  

In honor of the Forever Young bunch, here's a song by my girl Patty.  Its an old hymn that talks about life when you get to heaven.  Not that any of these folks seemed to have a problem with growing old, they seemed to be a hip and adorable bunch.  

Thanks again, Nanny, for inviting me to speak! I had a blast...

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