A Giveaway + One Year of Blogging

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday dear Decorating the Elevator,
Happy birthday to you!

Yeah, I just sang happy birthday to my blog.  It just felt right.  I enjoy celebrating the milestones in life.  I might bake the blog a cake.  Funfetti?  I think so. 

Or maybe not.  As that would kind of go against everything that the Elevator stands for.  You know, staying accountable to weight watchers and all. 

Anyways.  It was a year ago that, after much hemming and hawing, I decided to give the whole blog thing a try.  I admit that I've gotten way more into it than I thought I would and enjoy using this as my venue to completely nerd out on a regular basis.   

A few things I've learned / relearned since starting this journey:

1.  I can't spell.
2.  I don't proofread. 
3.  Accountability works. 
4.  Telling your story, whatever it is, can be helpful to others. 
5.  I need a new camera.  
6.  Life is way better when you can make fun of yourself. 
7.  It's also way better when you laugh with people as they (kindly) make fun of you.  Especially about spelling and proofreading. 
8.  I write like I think.  And talk. 
9.  I really don't like "healthy" food.  I'm more of a smother it in cheese kind of gal.
10.  I might have a touch of OCD as I was not able to leave this list at "9" but instead had to add this last one to make it a nice even "10."

A million thank yous to everyone out there that reads this blog.  Whether you are a secret stalker or an outspoken commenter - you are awesome!  

Just to let you know how awesome you are - I'm giving you a chance to win your very own Alex and Leo tote bag.  How bout that?  The bag is pictured below and is made up of a nice home decor weight dark brown fabric and lined with Amy Butler's Delhi Bloom in Lime.  Quite lovely fabric if you ask me.

Here's how this is going to go down.
1.  Become a follower of this blog.  Ok you don't HAVE to but you can.  It's an option that's out there.  Just go down the page until you see the option to "follow" and go from there.  

2.  Leave a comment on this post.  You can just say hey, or you can say what you would put in this tote, or you can say why you deserve to win, or you can even make fun of it (ahem, you know who you are) and I won't even delete the comment!

Now, the choosing the winner part of this is kind of complicated so stay with me.  You have until next Sunday (January 30th) to leave your comment.  Let's say next Sunday at, um, 10 pm.  I'll probably be asleep then but whatever.  

I will then write all names on a scrap of paper, put them into a basket of some sorts, and draw the winner.  I promise I will not rig or cheat or engage in any other shenanigans.  Those of you that know me know that I hate shenanigans.  

So check back next Monday (January 31) to see if you won!  

If you pick the comment anonymously option, just be sure to write your name into the comment box.  And tell your friends.  Not necessarily about the commenting anonymously part but about the giveaway.  

If you win, you have to drive to Greenwood and get it.  Kidding.  I'll mail it to you, you can email your address.  
The Tote. 

The Inside of the Tote. 

Thanks again for reading!  


  1. I want you to know that your blog has made me realize that I cook like my family is on WW. It's almost ridiculous.


  2. I've been a follower for quite awhile! Love your blog...It's cute, funny, and has great recipes!

  3. I love the tote...There's no telling what all I'd be able to use it for! The colors are super cute as well!

  4. I love reading your blog. I have tried many of the recipes and shared them with coworkers. Also, I am impressed at how well you sew. I may need some lessons. Alex is certainly well dressed.

  5. Already a follower, I say I get 2 scraps of paper! :) been meaning to comment that I too am obsessed with a year of slow cooking. I've posted no recipes On my blog because I make my family eat beans every night. I love the tote!! All my bags are old and ugly, the last bag or purse of any kind that I bought was 3 yrs ago. So I would be a good cause.

  6. does your blog also celebrate half-birthdays? tee-hee.
    cute tote!

  7. Blog stalker, checking in. Love that you write like you talk! I think we'd be friends. :) I have a tote obsession (addiction?), so after some consideration, I'm deciding to comment. Because well, that's what obsessive (addicted) people do. Congrats on your first birthday!

  8. yay for decorating the elevator! i figure i am not eligable either :) however, i would like to put an order in for a cute new tote for my laptop. something fun of course!

  9. Happy happy birthday DTE!! I am totally eligible. And I need that tote....

  10. I love your list! I can't believe it has been a whole year! Seems like you just started yesterday! The year sure flies by with a Friday video or good meal idea! Looking forward to another year of your blog!

  11. I absolutely LOVE your blog! You do not know me but I am a friend of Win's. She told me about this and I have checked it religiously everyday...I can't wait to see what you make involving biscuits again...Keep up the great work!
    Anna Frey

  12. Holla! I want a tote!
    Susan G.

  13. I love your blog because you are hilarious, and your recipes are great. Thanks for the give away!
    Molly P.

  14. Happy Birthday Blog! And if I don't win, I have a key to your house and I am getting that tote anyway. Thanks!

  15. Sooo Jessie and I's kitchen was just blessed with a crockpot...so we are gonna need you to keep the yummy crockpot recipes coming!! AND GIMME THAT TOTE BAG!!!

  16. I read but Jonathan stalks more. He requested cauliflower on the grocery list the day of your cauliflower poppers post. I laughed! Your recipes are frequent topics of our dinner planning convo. Thanks for that!

    If it weren't so cute, he probably would comment too. He is carrying a ugly dark green Planter's bank recycle bag as a lunch tote. He would definitely sport a male friendly Alex & Leo lunch tote

    PS. You are inspirational! Happy bday DTE!

  17. I sure would love that tote bag! Count me in...Mom

  18. LM,
    Love your blog and all the recipes! I'm an official follower now (although I've been keeping up with it on the reg for a while.) Of course I think I deserve this precious tote because we've shared many good times together... WICKEEEED, rostefarian locking creme stories, and the like. Happy birthday blog!!


  19. from one of your "senior Blog followers" love your blog...everything about it! You have done a great job and I'm sure you have been an inspiration to many! Keep up the good work! I LOVE the tote.....will you make some to sell??

    c higdon

  20. HAPPY BELATED BDAY DTE!!!!!! i loooove your adorb lil tote!! i think you should download some sort of rando giveaway app...might make it easier than drawing out a hat.

  21. Congratuuuuuuuuuulations LMA!!! I remember when you started and I was obsessed with Julia and Julia. I had the great idea that I would blog about cooking your recipes! of course, that never happened... Loved talking to ya last night. miss and love you! btw. love the tote!

  22. Congrats LM!! I've been lurking for a while now and just wanted to let you know that you have inspired me to take control over my life/weight. Starting in February, I will be doing the Weight Watchers online program. Thank you for sharing your experiences and your recipes!

    -Amanda Hope Shelburne-

    P.S. WHAT A CUTE TOTE!!!! :-)

  23. Love reading your blog. and I want a tote too. Would be great to carry my paperwork on crisis calls.

    Mary Margaret

  24. Happy Birthday 'Decorating the Elevator' ..... what an exciting mile stone. I seriously love the Amy Butler fabric....BEE-U-Ti-ful!

  25. Yay for the bloggity blog!! So proud of you LM! Miss you!

  26. Love it! Yates needs that bag!

    Stephanie Gillespie