Pasta Is Always There For Me

This has been a week of culinary ups and downs for me.  It bees that a-way sometimes. 

I attempted to force myself to like sweet potatoes on Tuesday night...I ran into an issue cooking them, decided it was a sign, and did not proceed.  I also attempted a shrimp dish that was saltier than I could handle.  Oh dear, I was going to starve. 

Or was I?

Enter some leftover Barilla pasta I found nestled in the pantry. 

Hey, friend. 

3/4 cup for six points + 1 tbl of parm for 1 point = I didn't go to bed hungry. 

Maybe I'm being dramatic.  But it did save me from having a turkey sandwich.  Sometimes I feel like if I eat another turkey sandwich I might cry.  Ok, I'm being dramatic again. 

I was meant for the stage....

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