Real Simple No Diet Diet

I made supper last night.  It was made in the crock pot and was smothered in cheese sauce.  I really had high hopes. 

That will teach me to not use cheese sauce. 

It was a total food fail.  Luckily it was just me and no one else had to fake smile and pretend like it was good.  I'm not sure what made it not taste good to me, it was possibly a creepy chicken issue.  Who knows. 

What I do know is that I spent a considerable amount of time last night on the couch, alternating between watching the Golden Globes and reading my new Real Simple. 

Just in case you were wondering, Clare Danes' dress was my favorite.  I do believe it's my color and would love to have it if anyone wants to get that for me.  Thanks.

image here

Moving on.  To the Real Simple.  I found myself more interested in it than in the GGs.  

These are a few of the articles I found myself interested in.  There was a section on recipes for well balanced meals (half the plate should be fruits and veggies, a fourth of the plate should be lean meat, a fourth of the plate should be a whole grain), as well as a section on ways to really sass up your potato. 

The part that I found most interesting was the section on the foods that you should be eating this year.  They call it the "no diet diet". Turns out I'm going to have to take the plunge and learn to like sweet potatoes.  And sardines.  And kale.  But I read that you can tear the kale up and bake it into chips so that's probably what I'll do.  As was discussed previously, I love a chip. 

I've got a lot to learn about the super foods.  It's a good thing a subscribe to Real Simple.  You should pick it up.  


  1. I just hopped over from spoonful...kale chips??? I am so going to give those a shot!!!