Supper With a Side of Frustration

Any long time weight watchers might feel me on this.  Just go on ahead and give me an "amen." Oh wow, I heard it!  Cool. 

Let me start by saying this.  I like the new program.  I like the free fruit (I might turn into a banana), I like the free veggies, I like that it's made me become aware again, and I like that it kind of forces you to make better food choices. 

What I don't like, however, is that I'm having to relearn everything.  Yes, I should've done this in December but it was the holidays and we're not even going there.  Where I used to do lunch and snacks out of habit without really thinking about it, I know find myself staring blankly at food kind of forgetting what to do with it. 

Enter old favorites. 

Like a spicy black bean burger with a slice of cheese and mustard on light wheat bread. 

New points on this old favorite:

black bean burger (Morningstar Farms): 3
Wonderbread light wheat bread: 2 for 2 slices
reduced fat Sargento pepper jack cheese: 1
mustard: 0

Learning it, remembering it, moving on, eating a banana. 

One meal at a time, just like in the beginning. 


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