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I had big plans for supper last night.  I had all of my ingredients, I was all excited, it was going to be great.  The dish was going to be portobello pizza, a recipe I found on one of my new favorites, The Slender Kitchen.  Here it is if you are interested in trying it.

Why didn't I make it you ask?  Because when I excitedly pulled my portobellos out of the fridge last night, I was disappointed to find that they were past their prime.  Ewwww.  So I had a lean pocket instead.  It did not make me very happy.  

Since I don't have a recipe to share this morning, I'll share one that someone else made. 

My friend Win took a cue from Gina's Skinny Recipes and gave her Chicken Pot Pie Soup a try.  Her review?  The recipe was a good one.  She did report having to add a little salt, pepper, and Tony's to give it a little more flavor, but it was overall a tasty dish with satisfying flavor.  

Click here to find this recipe.  I, myself, can't wait to try it! 

What have you tried lately?     

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