Winter Weather Memories

So here in Mississippi, everyone is talking about the possible "Winter Weather."  If anyone is reading from up north, this probably makes you laugh a little.  However, we down south develop a strange mix of excitement / terror when ever our weatherperson starts to utter the words "Winter Weather."

I think this is because we just don't know what to do with ourselves.

Schools clothes, people forget how to drive, there's a run on bottled water at the Wal Mart.  

However, most of the time....nothing ever happens.  We start to develop a sort of "whatevs" attitude towards it.  I was talking to my friend Emily Friday on my way home from work, laughing because her mom had reminded her that she was, in fact, a mother now and should possible get some supplies.  Just in case.  Since I, too, was on my way to the store, I decided to get some supplies.  Just in case.  

Sometimes, however, things get a little crazy and we get some weather.  Like ice.  If you are from Greenville, chances are you remember The Ice Storm of '94. 
image found here

Dude.  That was some serious "winter weather." Serious enough in fact that there were t-shirts printed that read "I survived Ice Storm '94.  Told you it was serious.  And really wish I could get my hands on one of those. 

Thinking about the possible "winter weather" has gotten me thinking about my own Ice Storm '94 memories.  Here they are, in no particular order....
  • We were out of school.  For like a week, or maybe two.  I didn't have to give my country report on..........I have no idea what country I had. 
  • I was able to put off studying from that blasted spelling test that was forever making me miserable.  Anyone who reads this blog knows that spelling is not one of my strengths. 
  • We got to eat a lot of pop tarts.
  • We played a lot of "spit" by the light of the fire.  The card game. 
  • Jennifer and I slept together on the tiniest fold out couch  you have ever seen.  This is a good thing because.....
  • A branch fell through Jennifer's window. 
  • We fled town when Greenville lost water.  Mom just couldn't take it anymore.
  • Our back yard looked like a jungle. 
  • We camped out at the La Quinta Inn....the dog came with us which was one of the coolest things ever.
  • Jennifer had to miss Valentine's day with her high school boyfriend.  That high school love is something serious.  Hee hee hee you know I love you, Jen. 
I chuckle about this, but at the same time my fingers are crossed real hard that we don't get anything to wild.  While I enjoyed being out of school as a 6th grader, I know that if that happened to me as an adult it would not be cool at all. I'm not sure that my 1 jug of spring water would not last me to long.... 

Do you have a fovorite winter weather memory?   


  1. oh LMA!!! I got married two weeks later in Itta bena!!! YOu were in 6th grade really!!! ugh Im so old!!! Susan your bff from work!!!

  2. I was in the tiny triangle bath tub when the power went out. And I'm pretty sure that we wore some pretty awesome camo winter-wear.