Day Trips and Melted Hearts

There's several things I like about my little town of Greenwood.  Aside from the people, Howard Street, and Webster's sausage and cheese plate, there's also its close proximity to several pretty cool places in our great state.

Just in case you were wondering, and these are approximate, we are an hour from Greenville, an hour and a half from Starkville, Oxford, and Jackson, two hours from Memphis, and a mere five hours from New Orleans.  We are not, however, close to Tupelo.  Because nothing is close to Tupelo.  Tupelo, I'm not hating on you as I really like your morning news and have really missed it since it disappeared from my cable line up a few weeks ago, but you're just hard to get to.

Where was I? Oh yeah.  

So Greenwood's close proximity allows one to choose from several different locations when picking a site for a day trip.  Brandon was off work Saturday so we seized the opportunity to take a little adventure.  We kicked around a few different options and finally decided on Starkville.  This was the choice as (A) there were free basket ball tickets waiting on us and (B) I would be able to spend some time with my fam, including but not limited to the Baby Girl A.  Who is not such a baby girl anymore.  

We started off the day watching the MSU vs Ole Miss basket ball game.  At the top of the Hump, no less.  

I had a large time, doing my state cheers with the rest of the fans.  Brandon, who is an Ole Miss fan, was spotted out of the corner of my eye quietly clapping when they would score.  I told him that he was probably safe from getting jumped and he could cheer if he wanted to.  He got a little louder and things were fine.  MS State fans are a kind people.

The game wasn't to crowded so we were able to leave our perch and join my mom and sister at sea level.  Turns out, I can now add heights to the list of things that trigger my anxiety.  This is only an important part of our day as it allowed us to witness to my mom jumping up and down and squealing with cuteness when they did the "kiss camera."  She was also the first one on her feet when it was time to do a group cheer.  Precious, I tell you.  

We left the Hump and made a few stops around town, eventually landing at Jen's house to do some serious hanging out.  I also had an important delivery to make, a spring dress made from this pattern.  Since it was such good weather outside, we just decided to try it on in the driveway.

She loves a bracelet.  Also, a very meticulous toddler. 

Cue melting heart. And big 'ole grins.  And blurry pictures.

We rounded out the afternoon by reading some books and testing out pig tails.  Bless her, she's got the fine hair.  But how freaking cute is this?  

It was only a matter of time before one pigtail came out and was replaced with a bow.  The other one was left in because, well, why not?  She retired to her chair and read some books.  And then passed some books out to us.  And then took them away.  And then gave them back.  And then had a mini melt down when Brandon read Go Dog Go. And then decided that she liked him and blew him a two handed kiss.  And again, my heart was melted. 

Hot, adorable, mess.  What could be a better way to end this afternoon?  A little sushi for supper.  I'm sure you city folk are thinking "why is this a big deal?"  Because while we Greenwoodians can get to lots of cool places in under two hours, we sure as heck can't a good sushi roll.  

Cue the Umi.  And the tummy ache from over eating.  

It was a good day.            


  1. I just died. How adorable is she?? Cute outfit, too. Wish I could've been there!!

  2. Oh my goodness she is getting so big so quick!