Eat the Pizza!

It's not hard for me to get talked out of cooking supper.  I made a comment yesterday to Brandon about the pork chops not being thawed out yet and he said "we could eat pizza" and I said "heck yeah." And that was that. 

I had been doing well on my points this week, but was willing to throw it all away just to not have to cook.  And then it hit me....maybe the pizza wont be to bad! I checked, and it wasn't...score one for frozen pizza.   

I had picked up this little darling last week at the grocery as a "just in case." Like just in case the pork chops don't thaw, or just in case the meal I cooked was awful, or just in case I get a hankerin' for pizza so bad it's painful. 

The thing that I love about the WW program is that you really can have whatever you want.  It's just about portion control, and balance, and give and take.  This particular pizza (World Table Fiesta BBQ) was 9 points plus for 1/4 of the pizza.  This wound up to be 2 average size slices.  Nice!

The key...only eat the serving size. 

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