Eatin' at my Desk

I'm enjoying an at my desk lunch.  I know that's one of the worst places you can have lunch but I'm doing it anyway.  I have the perfect view of the snow flurries from my desk. 

This lunch was a good in a pinch lunch so I'm going to share it with all you party people that brown bag it to your work place. 

Dr. McDougall's Vegan Spring Onion Noodle Soup (4 points plus for the whole thing)
Turkey (3 slices for 1 point plus), Cheese (Sargento reduced fat pepper jack, 1 point plus), light wheat bread (2 slices, 2 points plus)
Mini Diet Shasta Cola (0 points plus)

Yes, you read right...shasta cola.  It's what the hospital has AND its sweetened with splenda instead of aspartame which means i can drink it. 

Are there any other eat at your desk warriors out there?  I eat at my desk much more than I would like to and often end up bored.  What are some good brown bag ideas?  Hit me on the comments!

1 comment:

  1. I'm so boring when it comes to brown bag lunches. Turkey sandwich, chips, and a piece of fruit that I NEVER eat. I always bring it home bruised in my purse.

    Love your sandwich container. I've poured over the decision to buy one, but have never followed through.