A Few on Friday

A positive....I'm getting used to my exercise routine again and popped up at 550 am without the help of an alarm. 

A negative....I gave myself the morning off from exercising.

Now I could've easily thrown my shorts on and Zumba'd for a spell but I decided that I would rather not.  I am / was also waiting on a phone call for a report on the road conditions in Rulleville....so here's a few more on Friday.  

I love how one blog leads to another, leads to another, leads you to buy yourself a prize.  I found my yesterday prize by visiting this blog, which led me to this blog, which led to me this etsy store.  This will be added to my large stack of prints to frame. 

  go here

In a perfect world, calories wouldn't matter and I would make these today.  Candy INSIDE a cookie?  Yes, please.  And thank you. Find the recipe here

Photo and Recipe by Jenny Flake

But it's not a perfect world and calories do matter, to a point at least, so what about some healthy super bowl snack ideas?  Hop on over to Skinny Taste and check out Gina's top 20 super bowl picks.

Yes, please.  Image here

I struggle with nail polish.  I wish I was one of those gals who could keep my nails painted.  However, usually when I paint my nails they get all chipped and I end up looking kind of like a crazy person.  However, if I could rock nail polish, and maybe I'll try again, I would totally do one from the Texas line from Opi.  Mainly because their nail polish names are so clever.  

image here

We've got the Superbowl this weekend.  Go Steelers!  Brandon and I proclaimed ourselves Steelers fans during about the fourth week of the season.  Glad our team is going to the big game.  Rumor is we've got terrible towels in the mail. Terrible towels + commercials + dips + Troy P's hair = one big bowl of heck yeah!

Commercials from last year...

Happiest of happy Fridays!  Good weekend to all! 

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  1. i hate painting my nails for the same reason. all that time put in and they chip within a day. try sally hansen's nail polish strips. you press them over your nails and, surprise, perfect manicure that lasts two weeks. seriously.