A Few on Friday

I don't know about you but I like the "Few on Friday" posts and have decided to attempt to make them a weekly thing.  I should have recipes soon, the snow day has thrown me for quite the loop. 

I've been thinking about decorating lately.  This is only interesting because this is not something that I usually think about.  I'm one of those "oh it's fine how it is" people and usually don't get fired up about fabric unless it's something being made for the baby girl. 

My rental house is very small.  Because of this I would like to do something with, um, three out of the four rooms.  In an attempt to partialize this lofty goal, I've decided to start with my guest bed room / sewing room.  As it serves so many purposes, it's kind of a tough room to work with.  Did I mention that the room is dark wood paneling?   

find it here

My comforter is white, the walls are wood, there's a navy boyfriend pillow that I just can't let go of, so I'm thinking that the pillows should have some green.  I do like this print, though.  The search for fabric is on.  Like donky kong.  

What about this one? It's Ty Pennington. 

find it here 

Or maybe this one.  Also Ty Pennington.  I guess I'm having a big 'ole fabric crush on Ty.  I'll call him TyTy. Baby.  TyTy Baby.   

Find it here

Michael Cera is freaking adorable.

Brandon and I watched Youth in Revolt yesterday.  I thought it was good.  Just be warned.  It's got some adult content.  

I've lost my mascara.  I'm not sure how I lost it, alls I know is that it's gone.  Thank goodness I have an extra tube of Maybelene Great Lash (in blue, thankyouverymuch) floating around my makeup bag for emergencies.  

To every time there is a season and I feel like my season for blue mascara has passed.  But what to get next?  So many choices for mascara.

There's this one for when you want to be scandalous, yet fairy like at the same time. 

 Fairydrops Scandle Queen Mascara. Find it here.

Some for when you really want to break the bank.

Talika Lipocils Expert.  Find it here.  For 40$. 

Or there's always just a basic.  Like the one that I lost. 

Find it here. 

Your suggestions are appreciated. 

Your claps are also appreciated to help in celebrating my sister Chickey's total smarts when it comes to over the counter medication.  She took a test today, the day after a snow day mind you, and scored a near perfect 97.  

I didn't even wash my hair yesterday, much less study for anything. 

Here is some of the stuff that she learned, taken from our gchat conversation...

Do not take over 4 grams (4000 mg) of tylenol in a day. it is a complete myth having damp hair in cold weather will get you sick, and all that other stuff. Nursing home patients must have a drug regimen review by a consultant pharmacist at least once a month. Lethal dose of codeine is 0.5 to 1 grams, depending on body weight. You need to check h and h within 30 days of starting iron meds.
Good stuff, huh?  She so smart.  

In closing, and in the spirit of the upcoming Mardi Gras season, click here for a recipe for a WW friendly king cake.  And thanks, Callie, for the awesome suggestion!  You the best! 

And don't hold your breath waiting for my review of this one.  While I L-O-V-E king cake, I D-O N-O-T love recipes that have difficult listed on the level of difficulty section.  Someone make it then send me a piece.  

Have a fun weekend.....something tells me I'm going to!  


  1. I have lost my mascara several times in the last few months resulting in several last min drug store runs. The one I keep coming back to over and over is CoverGirl's Lash Blast Fusion (it is in a purple tube). I have had everything from department store brands down to the cheapest discounted brands, but this always is tried and true. It is also great for contact wearers! Doesn't smug. Doesn't clump. Doesn't dry out. Last forever! Great deal for just a few bucks! And it seems every week there is a coupon for it in the paper!

    Love your update! Hope the decorating goes well!

  2. look no further than loreal clean definition telescopic mascara.