A Few On Friday

Kick your feet up, it's time for another thrilling installment of A Few On Friday. 

Anybody want to buy me this dress?  Awesome.  I'll take it.  It just looks all easy and perfect for spring.  And it looks like it would be OK if it slipped from a coat hanger and hung out all crumbled in the the bottom of the closet floor for a while.   

find it here

You know what else is perfect for spring?  Shades.  Sun shades specifically.  But I'm not asking for shades, Brandon got me this pair of Ray Bans (aka Ray Rays) for Christmas.  I held off on getting nice sunglasses for a while because I knew that I would loose them, sit on them, or somehow pop a lens out of them.  

  I like gettin' cray cray in my Ray Rays.  Find it here.

One of the things that has helped me not destroy my Christmas sunglasses is the massive black case that I received them in.  It goes everywhere with me.  It's quite nostalgic, really, as it reminds me of the Ray Bans case that would forever sit on dad's dashboard.  Memories.  Like the colors of my mind.

Sticking with the topic of spring...what about this weather we've been having in the Delta?  I kind of feel like a mole, coming out of my dark cave for the first time.  Each year I'm surprised at how much better I feel once the weather turns a little nicer.  I'm such a funky little bear in the winter time.  SAD is real, people. 

But there's no need to focus on that. The weather is nicer, the sun is out, I can wear my Ray Rays, prance around in my new Michael Stars dress (see above if you've already forgotten), all while taking my laptop outside and catching up on my favorite blogs via Google Reader. 

What is Google Reader you ask?  It's reason number 548 that you should have a GMail account.  If you already have a gmail account, look in the top left corner of your gmail page and click on the word "reader."  If you are a follower of blogs using your gmail account, all of the blogs that you follow should automatically be there.  You can click on "all items" and it will show you a list of all of the blogs / websites that you follow / subscribe too.  You can check everything out while staying on one page, not having to click all over the world wide web.  And it's not just for blogs.  You can do wordpress, tumblr, or any other website that has regularly updated content.

I got a little subscribing crazy and took full advantage of the "add a subscription" tab, ensuring that I'll never miss an update from the blogs that I love, as well as don't want to forget about.  If you want to add my blog, or another blogspot blog to your reader simply scroll down to the bottom of the page and choose "subscribe to post" and follow the directions.  You could also become a follower if you wanted.  Whatever. 

Hold on, my phones ringing.  I think it's google wanting me to come be one of their tech writers.

I feel like this post doesn't have enough color in it so here are some pictures of things that are bright. 

Been into the fresh flowers this week.

find it here

This dress would also be just fine if it fell from a hanger and spent some time on the closet floor.

find it here

How's THIS for a pop of color?  Hello, blue shoe.

find it here.

Thanks for stopping in...happy Friday! 

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