Lazy Breakfast

I had a big weekend.  This means that I'm still feeling very lazy and will be / have been taking several food short cuts this week.  Like what you may ask?  Like Zatarain's jambalaya and turkey sausage for dinner last night (yum).  Nothing like some goodness from a box to make a tired girl happy.  

There's also nothing like some goodness in a can.  Enter Pillsbury low fat Cinnabon cinnamon rolls.  

I had two of my ghi's spending the night on Friday so that we could travel together to the big Flip Cup Tournament on Saturday (more on that later).  I wanted to make sure there was something good for breakfast Saturday morning but also knew I wasn't going to be wanting to do any major cooking. 

It was kind of an amazing idea.  I roll (with icing) = 4 points plus.  Had I been being good and following points exactly I would have had 1 roll with perhaps a side of fruit.  But I wasn't and I had two and the world didn't end.  Today is a new day. 

As promised...here's more about the flip cup tourney I attended.  It was thrown by my bud Kallie to celebrate her birthday.  Here's a picture of all the girls. 

The girls bracket, I was told, was much more fun to watch than the boys bracket.  We did some smack talking and some dancing while the boys just got real competitive and yelled at each other.

Flippin' Out 2011 should definitely become a yearly thing. 

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