More Lunch at My Desk

Here's a real Captain Obvious lunch side idea, but one that I didn't figure out until just this week.  This is good for those of you who, like me, realize that sometimes you can't think of the last time you had something green.

This past Sunday, when everyone was preparing to leave Belzoni, Win was going through the fridge passing out the leftovers.  I was FORCED to take home a piece of strawberry cake and a mini loaf of chocolate chip pumpkin bread.  FORCED, i tell you.  I was also given a big of spring mix lettuce.  This confused me but Win appeared to have a plans as she said, "Here Laura Merrill, you'll eat this."  

Monday morning before work it dawned on me.  Heck yeah!  Salad with nothing on it but zesty fat free italian dressing would be amazing!  

Amazing might be a bit of a stretch.  But easy?  Yes.  Made me feel more satisfied?  Yes.  Gave me something green?  Yes.  Worth 0 points?  Heck yes.  

So there you have it. This lettuce with 2 tbl of Zesty Fat Free Italian dressing was 0 points, the turkey and cheese sandwich was 4 points, and the diet shasta cola was 0 points. 

I'm armed with grapes for later.  Unstoppable. 

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  1. I'm with you! When we are having any kind of pasta for dinner, I will pair it with a big bowl of lettuce with Zesty Italian dressing. The salad is filling, and the garlic flavor of it helps me avoid having a piece of garlic bread...which I don't really need anyway, since the pasta has more than enough carbs for the day!