My Grammy Recap....Because I Know You're Curious

If anyone was sitting around their house tonight wondering "I wonder what Laura Merrill thought about tonight's Grammys" you're in luck.  Here you go. 

I'm not sure if it's because I'm was being real lazy and tired, or because there was nothing else on TV, or if it's because I'm just in a different place in my life; but this year I got real into the Grammys.  It's been a while since I've given them much attention because I just assumed that my music taste was much more superior to that of the Grammys. 

Bahahahahahahah!  I can't even keep a straight face when I type that.  I'm a huge fan of Jessie McCartney.  Yeah, I said it.  It feels good to get that out.  Through being cool. 

I was raised in a home where music was very present.  My dad had very set opinions about music, including why Steely Dan was the man (were the men, sorry I just couldn't pass up that chance to rhyme) and why the Grateful Dead just needed to stop. He would also play air base during Paul Simon's "You Can Call Me All."  Good stuff.  

Here's an example of one of our many music conversations.

Me, in my heady stage:  The Grateful Dead is soooooo cool dad.  I mean gah, let's listen to Aoxomoxoa 

Dad, not impressed by my heady stage:  Laura Merrill.  They can't sing.  At all.  Just listen. 

There were lots of conversations that went like this.  And I do love Aoxomoxoa.  But more than that, I appreciate being raised to love and cherish and get really excited about music.  Whether it's Paul Simon or Phish, Ani Difranco or the Wicked Soundtrack, there's something about an album / song that you could listen to on repeat while smiling and getting that feeling that all is right with the world. 

Now aren't you curious to know what I thought about the Grammys?  Thought so. 

Aretha Franklin's tribute?  I cried.  CRIED.  Christina A has the most amazing range, J Hudd is a weight watchin' hottie, Martina McBride makes me want to sing karaoke. And Florence?  Oh Florence and Your Machine.  I still love you. 

find it here

Lady Gaga?  And her egg?  That was pretty intense.  I gotta give it to Gaga.  She's got an amazing voice and is not afraid to be her own bird.  I'm extremely intrigued by her AND her ability to walk in 8 inch heels.  Probably not going to change the station when her new single, "Born this Way" comes on.  

And that adorable adorable Miranda Lambert.  Thanks to sister Chickey I've become more familiar with her through a few well made country music mixes.  My current favorite Miranda song.

Speaking of getting your country music fix...I was way impressed with John Mayer, Nora Jones, and Keith Urban's version of Jolene. 

My favorite person dressed as a peacock was for sure Cee-Lo Green.  I just grinned the whole time he was preforming. 

  find it here

Katy Perry.  I think you did a good job but I've just about had enough of you and your Teenage Dream.  You have a rockin' voice though, and for that I'm giving you a roof raise. 

Avett Brothers and Mumford and Sons and Bob Dylan.  Good job guys.  Make that GREAT job.  I was familiar with your work from the XMU but promptly purchased both of your latest releases from the iTunes.  And yes, I still have my same iPod from 2005. I must say though, the fact that you played Maggie's Farm a bit differently than I'm used to belting it out in my car made it difficult for me to sing along but that's ok.  It's not always about me.  

Love you Arcade Fire.  I do find it interesting that I've liked this group for a while but had absolutely no idea what they looked like / how many people were in the band / that you had not one but two female members.  Or is it three? Well played, my friends.  I am obviously not your most observant fan.  And I bet Barbra Streisand didn't quite know what to do with ya'll when you won.  Congrats on that by the way.   

I wonder why I am talking directly to the performers instead of just about them?  Oh yeah, because I'm tired.

Eminem.  You are so intense.  I'm glad that you and Dre made up.  At least on TV.

Great performance Mick.  You are just classic.  Did you notice how everyone was up on their feet shaking their groove things during his tribute?  Shoot.  I would have gotten up and danced had my couch not been so comfortable.  And this is coming from someone who just doesn't, and I apologize in advance, get that fired up about the Rolling Stones.  I respect them, of course, but just don't get that fired up about them.  But again, great job Mick.

What else?  I mean besides the fact that I choose to write this post instead of put my sheets in the dryer and I'll NEVER get to sleep tonight. 

I enjoyed them.  I hope you enjoyed them.  Or enjoyed whatever you did if you didn't watch them or enjoy them.  

Keep rockin', kids.           


  1. I agree with you ghi...on most points (is this really happening...I got on here to make fun of you but, instead, am nerding out and joining in?). I wasn't a huge fan of the Jolene remix. I think Jolene should be left to Dolly. I agree on all points about Katy Perry. Go on sista. Arcade rocked out, and I'm hoping that seeing that performance convinced you that the second weekend of jazzfest is the right choice. Lastly, not a Rolling Stones fan?!? Didn't know that was possible...

    PS...I may or may not have tested out the booty dance move you taught me last night during Gaga's new song...

  2. I LOVE this recap! Way more entertaining and peppy than the one on Yahoo News this morning! Thanks for the morning smile! Happy Valentine's Day LM!

  3. Nothing on Usher, the Biebs, and Jayden??

  4. They still can't sing ... and they can't tune very well, either