Responsible Snacking

Snacking is something that has been on my mind a lot lately.  I feel like with this new program, there is the opportunity to eat more snacks (like fruit, veggies) for less (or no) points.  This, in turn, should help me to stay full and to be more successful on the program. 

Enter the issue of snacking....

I am a mindless snacker.  Like I have blacked out and eaten like four cups of m & ms and peanuts before.  It's bad.  So when I snack it is a must that my snacks are portioned out and well controlled.  

In an effort to become a better snacker I've enlisted the help of my best bud Lindsey.  Lindsey is one that is good to talk to about health / weight issues.  She's very knowledgeable without being judgemental.  She's also not afraid to eat at Sonic.  

And exercise?  She is constantly going to a Yoga class, a barre class, or just doing pilates in her den.  The ghi has a six pack.  She's a faithful reader of Shape magazine and always makes sure to remind me to bring my walking shoes when I come visit her.  I swear she picks the highest hills in Oxford.

And she wants a subscription to Garden and Gun...not sure if she was fishing on that one but maybe for your birthday, ghi.  

So here is our candid discussion about snacking, copied directly from our g chat conversation.  Only some information has been changed to protect the innocent.  The information in purple is WW information that I have added in.

me: what do you eat for snacks? I'm going to do a blog post on snacking and I feel like you are a responsible snacker.

Lindsey: hmmm. well, I've been on a big kick of eating wheat thin crackers (16 reduced fat crackers for 3 PP) dipped in mustard (0 PP) in the mornings and an apple (0 PP) with a slice of cheese (cowpal snackers) (most reduced fat cheese is 2 PP for 1 slice) in the afternoon.

I brought grapes and blueberries with me to work today, but a lot of times I don't crave that. (both 0 PP)

I ALWAYS crave cheese

me: i've never met a cheese I didn't like

Lindsey: and I can get satisfied with a small amount of hummus ( 1/4 cup of store bought for 3 PP) or guacamole (1/4 cup for 2 PP) with a handful of baked chips (15 chips for 3 PP) too.

that's a filling snack for me.

me: yeah, i had hummus and celery yesterday. it was good.

except my celery was kind of funky.

me: and I need to know what "cowpal" cheese is

Lindsey: I think its a kroger brand. Its single slices that are like 70 calories each.

me: i love kroger.

anything else? I mean I know you are working right now but it's for the good of the blog.

think of how many people you are helping with your snack knowledge

Lindsey: hmmmm.

I do love a snack.

I just dont' feel like they are always very healthy.

I randomly eat oatmeal (1 cup is 4 PP, 1 envelope is 4 PP) sometimes in the middle of the day.

and of course, 100 calorie packs of anything. But my work provides those for free. I wouldn't spend money on them...they are waaaay overpriced. 

pretzel sticks (3 PP for 1 serving) dipped in mustard

pickles (0 PP)

me: love a pickle

Lindsey: a banana (0 PP) with a little peanut butter. (2 PP for 1 tbl)

LOVE a pickle.

me: and I love a pickled okra

that's what saved me when I first started WW.

Lindsey: granola (8 PP for 1/2 cup of homemade). But I'm trying to steer away from that one. I ate an entire jar of it yesterday. After having a bowl for breakfast. My addiction is a little ridiculous.

me: the granola?

I can take it or leave it.

I like the kellogs granola but I don't feel like it's very good for you.
Lindsey: I love cooked vegetables (0 PP) as a snack. Like the microwavable broccoli (0 PP) with spray butter. EDAMAME (2 PP for 1 cup of edamame in shells). Love edmame as a snack.

oh, I'm obsessed with granola.

Cereal (especially granola) and potato chips are my downfall.

botteltree's granola is to die for.

me: i actually had potato chips for supper last night; but i don't really want to talk about it.

Lindsey: I actually had them as an after-supper snack. Followed by granola. Probably four bowls.

I was up until 2.

me: eating granola?

So there you go, our conversation on healthy snacking. 

What's your favorite snack? 


  1. I am thankful for the deletions, meant to "protect the innocent". Love you ghi and love that you think I'm knowledgeable...and love even more that your followers now think I have a six pack...

  2. I love apple slices with PB! Perfect pack of energy for long days! And pretty tasty!