Snow Day Round 2....and a Birthday!

First and foremost, happy birthday wishes are in order for my ghi, Leah.  Here she is, pictured on her wedding day, looking as happy and beautiful as ever. Love this picture.     

Send her happy birthday wishes and then hop over to her blog Daydream Believin' and give her a shout out.  And then be prepared to sing "oh, I could hide, 'nieth the wing of the bluebird as she sings.  The six o'clock alarm would never ring" for the rest of the day.  Every single time I check her blog I sing that song for a little while. 

Happy birthday, ghi.  Hope your day is the most fun! 

In other news, we've had another round of blizzardly weather here in the Delta.  I thought it was just some flurries that would make there be a run on bottled water at the store, but really nothing past that.  

Something told me that it might be good to go ahead and get on the road...good thing I left when I did as it was a little slick out there.  And visibility was low.  Scary. 

I spent an hour trying to get home, never going over 30 mph, shaking my fist at those who passed me, praying, and chanting "You're ok until you're not ok." It made me feel a little bit more calm. Did I mention that my gas light was on?  Needless to say I have never been so excited to get to Greenwood as I was yesterday afternoon.  If I wouldn't have broken my arm, I probably would have gotten out of the car and kissed the ground.

After my pulse reduced to a normal rate, I was able to enjoy the winter weather. 

In my mind, a snow day means that you don't have to count points if you don't want to and that it's perfectly acceptable to eat chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.  Who's with me?

Yum yum.

I'm looking forward to a nice, relaxing day.  I'll be making CDs and doing some sewin'.  Might even throw in some Zumba to counteract the chocolate chip pancakes.  Yep, just might.  

Happy Thursday!  


  1. Happy birthday Leah!!!!
    I had pancakes this morning, too. And a cup of marshmellows with a little hot chocolate.

  2. I can't WAIT to bust a move or ten to those mixed cd's. I wonder if your followers know that, among your many other talents, you are a master cd mixa...