Why I'll Never Make It As A Chef

You know how sometimes your view of yourself is a bit skewed? It's kind of like how you can't see your own ears. 

Sidebar:  that is one of my favorite things to say in therapy...."you can't see your own ears." That and "How do you eat a whale?  One bite at a time."  Love a good one liner. 

Moving on.  I considered myself to be a pretty savvy chef for a while.  I'm not sure what made me feel like this, just a skewed view of self.  I'm not saying I can't cook.  I can.  Give me a recipe and it's on like donkey kong.  I'm saying that I don't so much possess the ability to make something up, but instead possess the ability to read and follow instructions.  

I'm reminded of Sunday Night Suppers with Clare back before I moved to Greenwood.  Clare and Ryan, her boyfriend at the time, would make these elaborate dinners, full of culinary surprises and twists and turns.  I would often just hang back and watch, amazed as they just threw things in a pan.  I did get on the action when it was time to chop onions.  Ryan and Clare would kind of laugh at me as I stumbled through the chopping of the onion.  Turned out I'm not a savvy chef, just like I'm not really patient or calm.  I'm more foot tappy and high strung. 

What does this have to do with anything?  Well the need for a very specific recipe struck again last night as I caused a big 'ole food flop.  Let's travel a few weeks back to when I decided to get in on the WW message board action to get some recipe ideas.  I posted two different message threads, hunting for suggestions on what to do with (I'm serious) 1 boneless skinless chicken breast and about 3 lbs of red potatoes. 

Captain obvious, right? 

Again, I need very specific and detailed recipes.  I didn't get a whole lot of feedback on the chicken.  I'm sure people were thinking "no, I'm not going to give you recipes for boneless skinless chicken breast.  You need to figure that out yourself."

One suggestion I did get was to simply put salsa on the chicken and bake it in the oven.  Well, I took their salsa and raised them some cheese and onions.  And I wrapped it in foil.  BOOM! 

But guess what captain obvious over here FORGOT to do.  Add any type of seasoning.  No salt, no pepper, no garlic.  Nothing. 

To say I was annoyed is an understatement.  I had been sitting there for 45 minutes, tapping my foot and thinking about how amazing this meal that I HAD COME UP WITH was going to be.  It was how i was going to break into the culinary scene.  Next stop...Top Chef!  Or not. 

Unless they provide recipes. 

Until next time....

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