32 Reasons

I have a sister.  Actually I have two.  And a step sister.  But I digress. 

My sister Jennifer and I are 3 years, 3 months, and 13 days apart.  Today is her birthday, which is why I would like to present you with 32 reasons that she is AWESOME.  Little sister Chickey also contributed to the list.  Can you pick which ones are hers?  It's like a birthday game. 

1.  She loves Waffle House.  LOVES IT.  

2.  She took me to the ER one time at 3 in the morning and had a flat tire on the way home at 5 am. 

3.  She's my favorite person to call when I'm sick because she'll tell me exactly what kind of concoction I need to buy at Walgreens to feel all better. 

4.  She's an involver. This means that she includes everyone in on everything, making everyone feel involved and important.  Sorry, that makes sense in my head.

5.  She is not afraid to cry at a movie.  Anyone seen Homeward Bound?  She cried like a lamb....

6.  She loves to host a party.

7.  She's a trooper when she's pregnant. 

Check out that tan.

8.  She sends pics of her precious baby girl all the time...makes me feel more like I'm getting to watch the little stinker grow up! 

9.  As much as I am OBSESSED with hearing about the little stinker, she talks about other things as well.

10.  She's very involved.  Which is different from being an involveer.  Like she's in JA, bible study, supper club...girl gets around.

11.  She loves sports.

12.  She's an awesome mom.

13.  She joined the facebook after I called and told her that one of her friends was in labor and that I'd learned this from the facebook.

14.  She always asks for a straw but doesn't use it.  Instead she folds it with her index finger and drinks from the glass. 

15.  She is an awesome clothes sharer.

16.  She loves a romantic comedy. 

17.  She is an amazing baker and not afraid to try something with 8 sticks of butter in it. 

18.  I got her the Just Dance Broadway Edition for the Wii and she seemed really stoked about it.  That's cool.

19.  She will do anything for anyone.

20.  She had my back at school. 

21.  She's chill.

22.  She harmonizes. All the time.

23.  She always treats me to dinner since I am a poor college student.

24.  She doesn't panic when I call her (in a panic) and tell her that I'm pretty sure I have shingles and may or may not have some how passed it on to her daughter.

25. She helps me with school.

26. She wasn't too terribly judgemental of me when I was in my weird phase.

27.  She is so kind.

28.  She sings at the top of her lungs to every Broadway / musical song.

29.  She's the cutest thing you've ever seen feeding a pig.

30.  She's a really good gift picker outer 

31.  She's stays with her husband even though he takes questionable pictures.  Bahahahahahah!! Sorry BJ.  Just had to bring it up.  You know I love you...


32.  She seems pretty mild mannered, but she's got herself a little wild streak....

Herd Members....I feel like there's a story here.  Give it up.

Happy Birthday Jen!  Love you and glad you are my sis...


  1. that last photo looks just like pegs! is that tie-dye picture representative of your weird phase? you sisters are so cute. happy birthday jen!

  2. I took that picture...let's just say it snowed 8 inches in Starkville, and we were hanging out on the roof of the SAE house. Great list honoring a great girl!!