Eating Our Way Through Jackson

Pardon me while I enter into the realm of Restaurant Critic. 

As alluded to in the previous post, I spent some time in Jackson over the weekend.  Brandon and I made the journey from Greenwood to watch his cool-as-can-be cousin Sam play in the high school All Star Basketball game.  Aside from the father sitting a few rows in front of us that thought his son was the next LaBron James and everyone else on the court was stupid, it was a great time.  I can't stand an aggressive sport parent.  This is probably because I don't have an athletic bone in my body and don't understand the importance of competition. 

Moving on. 

Aside from cheering Sam on, we engaged in one of my favorite things to do when traveling....eating at as many restaurants as we could in the short amount of time that we were there.  Let me tell you about them...

First up was Babalu for lunch on Saturday.  Raising the roof for this one....huge fan.  The atmosphere was great, the Babaritas were delightful, and if you order the guacamole... they make it at your table. 

We enjoyed shrimp tacos and braised short rib enchiladas for our meal.  The portions are small, more like a tapas, so it's perfect for those trying to watch their figure.  Everything was super light tasting and flavorful and if I hadn't have eaten the equivalent for four whole avocados I probably wouldn't have felt so sluggish afterward.  Ok, it wasn't four, but I had A LOT of guacamole. 

Fast forward to dinner and we found ourselves at the Cherokee. I'm told this is an old school Jackson place, Brandon gave me the history of it before we went.  I know for certain, however, that their pizza tastes just like the pizza that you used to get from Roller World in Greenville.  When I discovered this, I proclaimed to the table "This is the happiest day of my life." And it kind of was.  I loved Roller World pizza.  

The Cherokee is not at all WW friendly.  But i would consider them generally friendly because they give you large squirt bottles of ranch AND comeback sauce.  

We wrapped up the eating aspect of our trip with a little Greek place on Sunday.  The original plan was to go to Julep for one of their fabulous fried chicken sandwiches.  Sadly, the line was much too long and we went on about our way.  After hanging his head in sadness for a minute, Brandon perked up when he remembered a Greek restaurant right across the street.  We made our way to Wraps,  also known as my new happy place.  It's one of those not a lot of fuss restaurants....small, kind of cramped, strange signs on the wall.  The food, however, is just plain good.  I got the TJ wrap (chicken, tzatziki sauce, feta, tomatoes, other things that I can't remember) and Brandon got the pork tenderloin gyro.  Both were a treat.  Didn't have the beer drinkin', hang out with your friends, pita mozz type vibe that Kieffers has, but it was still great regardless. You should go and bring me something back. 

Needless to say the weekends feast(s) led to a long zumba workout Sunday afternoon and a Wii active workout this morning.  The Wii active workout this morning led to me come to work with wet hair.  

Such is life sometimes....    


  1. I spent ALOT of my teenage years hanging out at the Cherokee! We used to frequent that bar weekly when it was located on State St. Good times & definitely good, southern food! AND, I am usually able to sneak in a Keifer's visit everytime I come home. Both places have esp. fond memories for me b/c they would usually serve me adult beverages before I reached the age of 21. Fun times. :)

  2. hahaha... the pizza at Cherokee is so RollerWorld/School Cafeteria.. and SO awesome! Great seeing y'all and getting to catch up. Wraps is a hidden gem for sure!