Failed Pork Chops and Exciting Beverage News

I made pork chops last night and they were a complete and total failure.  In addition to being over cooked with almost no flavor, my first bite came complete with a hair in it. 

I'm sorry if that just made you a little sick. It was my hair if it makes you feel any better. I also was dealing with a Migraine aura so I was really just one big hot mess.  Did I mention that I need a new air compressor for my A/C?  Did I also mention that if you want to ride anywhere with me in the Honda this summer prepare to get your sweat on?

I had cheese toast for dinner, so that was exciting.  It was made with Muenster cheese.  It made me happy.  As did catching up on Top Chef.  I cannot BELIEVE who they kicked off last week.   Mmmm.  I'm still upset. 

So what could help me recover from a terrible horrible no good day like yesterday? 

Well, the national release of Cheerwine, of course!  I don't really remember much about cheerwine other than Win and I used to dance around her mother's sunroom drinking it.  We must have done this in secrete because something tells me that her mother would have NEVER allowed us to drink a red colored soda in a room with such light fabric. 

Anywho.  According to a tweet I saw today posted by Garden and Gun magazine, the lovely beverage is available for order either by the bottle or by the case.  My birthday is in June.

Does anyone else remember this stuff? 


  1. i would've had to drink it out of a sippie cup. i swear.

  2. I never have tasted it, but I remember it. I was surprised to see it in the cooler (next to the cash register) at Wal-Mart yesterday. They even have "diet!"