A Few On Friday

I'm watching them landscape the new construction across the way from my office window.  This is making for a very fine Friday!

Additionally, I'm still on a high from not one but two awesome things that I did last night.  

I ate BBQ Nachos from Hey Joe's in Cleveland

And I went to go see a performance of The Second City at the Bologna Performing Arts Center.  Good stuff, good stuff.  I think I snorted at one point. I am fascinated with improve and asked Brandon (seriously) if thought I would be good at it.  Survey says....yes.

So the jeans that I've talked about more than I've ever talked about jeans in my life came in this week.  I love them.  They make me very happy.  You should get some. 

Chick (my sister) wants a clutch that is sassy, yet neutral.  I like this one. 

This one might be more me than her. But maybe not, she likes hardware.  Regardless, find it here

Right as I posted that picture she said "Make it affordable" so let's keep looking....

She wants a Tori Burch but that doesn't really fit in with our "affordable" theme.  In time, Chickey. 

find it here

Maybe Piperlime will be more realistic....
Hey cute bag.  Find it here.

And yes, I know that is more of an over the shoulder than a clutch but you could just stuff the strap in the bag right?

Any thoughts on Chickey's perfect clutch?

Speaking of Chickey, guess what me and my mom and my sisters are doing in August?

Going to see Kieth Urban.  Oh yeah, you read right. 

find it here

Keith Urban is not my favorite artists at present, and as my mom informed me earlier I'm going to have to start downloading some stuff because "everyone sings along at his concerts, Laura Merrill."  Keith Urban is my mom's favorite singer and I'm so excited that we get to do this together.  I'm going to need to come up with the perfect country music concert outfit.  Suggestions are appreciated.  I will buy cut offs if needed. 

And now...let's listen to a song. Not a Kieth Urban song but one by Built to Spill.    

Happy weekend! 

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