A Few on Friday

Mornin!  I'm up in my biscuit, blogging and and drinking coffee.  Nice morning so far.  I'm only OK with being up before I have to be because I zonked out at, oh, 9 pm on my couch so I'm plenty rested.

I'm back from the social work conference, a good time was had by all.  A good time was had by me, especially, as I finally got the jean shorts I've been wanting for so long.  Why have I been obsessed with getting jean shorts?  Well because Chick rocked them last summer and looked oh so cute with a simple pocket t and a flip flop.  She was going to pick me up a pair just like hers when she went to the beach but she had an unfortunate lost wallet incident so that didn't work out.  Mine are from the Gap.  And they have pleats.  And are slightly bubbly.  

  find it here

Yes, they are a bit short.  But i figure that it's OK.  I plan to wear them to every outdoor festival that I attend this summer.  

Prior to scoring the jean shorts, or jorts as we'll refer to them from now on, I was on the hunt for some nail polish.  This turned out to be way harder than I thought it would be.  The JA Cotton Ball is Saturday night and I was wanting to do something flashy on my nails.  I'm going to need your help with this.  And I'm going to need your opinion by mid day tomorrow so I can hunt down the polish and get them painted.  Thanks.  

To help you help me, here's a picture of my dress.  A blurry, kind of oddly colored picture of my dress. 

Thanks to Chickey for lending this dress. 

I feel like the "hope" hanger is fitting.  I "hope" that the spanx that I plan to wear help me to not look like a stuffed sausage.  It is quite fitted.  

In an effort to look less like a stuffed sausage I have ordered Jeff Galloway's book on how to get started running.  I love instructions.  And the book cost me a killer 25 cents.  

Find it here

Yes, I know that I've tried this before and it didn't work out.  But just because something didn't work the first time you tried doesn't mean it wont work the second time you try.  Or seventh.  We'll see.

In closing, this post card was waiting on me when I got home last night.  It's a post card from my best bud Clare from when she and her boyfriend traveled to Argentina.  This is strange only because she got home from Argentina in October i think it was?  Wondering if she sent this from Argentina and it's just now getting here OR if she found it when she was packing for her mini move home and decided to send it from Denver. 

Don't forget to make your polish suggestions. And I can't get the spell check to work so I hope it wasn't to bad.... 

Have a happy Friday! 


  1. opi makes an super cute aqua with some silver hints in it that would look awesome with that rockin' dress! (i don't remember the name of it, though- sorry) Have fun!!

  2. hot dress ghi! i would go with essie devil's advocate or sew psyched :)
    and they sell them at walgreens now!!! woo hooooo

  3. to heck with spanx. you are going to look smokin'!!

    and you don't want my opinion on nail color, you know i tend to go a little overboard.

  4. hahah!!! i found them when i was moving and mailed them from denver! good stuff. and unfortunately i have no suggestions for nail polish because i never wear it, BUT if i did i think i would do stars and polka dots!!