Team Charlie Rogan.....Join In!

Let's be serious.  I don't no nothin' bout birthin' no babies.  Nor do I know much about raising them, caring for them, feeding them, or entertaining them.  I do, however, know how to write a blog.  Join me as I combine babies and bloggin' for a good cause.

As stated before, my experiences with babies has been limited.  Aside from when Chick was born, which i kindly ignored as I was no longer the baby, I really haven't been around them much.  That changed when I laid eyes on this precious little gift from God...

Oh.  Sorry for that shameless cute niece plug.  Moving on.

One of the things that I learned from Alex's birth is that all babies are miracles.  I mean like for real MIRACLES FROM GOD.  And while all babies are miracles, and the act of giving birth is amazing, it doesn't always go as hoped for. Luckily, medicine is always forging ahead to ensure that more babies are born healthy each year.  The March of Dimes is there, also, working and raising money and educating and being an all around fabulous organization.

Enter Team Charlie Rogan.  Team Charlie Rogan is a team that is working to raise money for our area's March for Babies.  The team was put together in honor of a precious child, Charlie Rogan. 

A little about her...

Charlie Rogan is a fighter.  FIGHTER I tell you.  After a difficult pregnancy, she was born to mom Stephanie and dad Robert at 29 weeks, weighting 2 lbs, 9 oz.  She spent the next 76 days in the NICU at UMC in Jackson.  

  Image from Charlie Rogan's Caring Bridge site

Here is an excerpt from Stephanie's blog about what the experience of having Charlie Rogan did for her....

"...Tonight, I picked up the photo album with all of those pictures, and for the very first time, I felt honored. I have always felt grateful….grateful CR came through that time, grateful I could even have the children I never thought I would, etc., but I would never have described myself as feeling honored. I now realize that I am honored that I was chosen to fight that battle along side of that strong and beautiful little girl. I can’t think of a more amazing feeling. We won that battle for her life together, and I am a better person because of it. I am honored that I am her mother. Period. I get to watch her grow and experience new things, and I derive such happiness from that..."

Stephanie has taken a very difficult situation and has used it to produce so much good.  For the last few years, she's been out and about Greenwood working to raise money for this area's March of Dimes.  This year, she and her clan will be the Ambassador Family for the March of Dimes March for Babies and they have set a goal to raise $5000.

That's where YOU come in.  Go visit this site and make a donation to their team and help them get closer to their goal.

    Recent picture of Charlie Rogan...how stinkin' cute?

Do it.  It's for a great cause.  You can use paypal.  What's easier than paypal?  Nothing.  And you've got until May 7th to donate.  Plenty of time.   

And just to make things interesting......let's do this.  Go donate, then make a comment on this blog post telling me that you donated (Just say something like "I DONATED!), and I'll make another donation of 1$ for every person that comments that they donated (up to 100$, enter excited EEK! here).  Do it!  Tell your friends!  Let's make this happen!  Oh, and if you can't get the comment to work, just email me and I'll count you in.  Email is on the side of the blog, towards the top. 

GO TEAM CHARLIE ROGAN!   And go hug the babies (big and small) in your life.  And donate. 

And just one more thing, because I'm long winded, remember that bag giveaway a few weeks back?  28 people commented to win that bag.  If 28 people give 20$...then that's 560 bucks.  And that would be totally amazing.  WE CAN DO THIS! 

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