Fat Charlie the Archangel Files for Divorce (My Thoughts on Paul Simon)

I made supper last night.  It was awful.  AWFUL. 

But what's not awful?  Catching Paul Simon talk about his new album on NPR.  I know I am my father's daughter when I mention Paul Simon and NPR in the same sentence. 

Paul Simon makes me happy. Graceland always ranks high when I make my top five favorite albums list.  Not that I do that a lot, but I've done it enough to know that Graceland is always up there.  Hold on, Rolling Stone magazine is calling to get my top five list as I know that my opinion on music is so relevant.

Moving on.  

His music is sweet and happy and always danceable.  The new album, entitled So Beautiful or So What, is no exception.  And guess what?  The fine people at NPR want you to take a listen.  Click here to check it out.

And have a happy Tuesday! 

**Special thanks to Lindsey for keeping me grammatically correct on what to do with my album title.  And for keeping me entertained with her adventures in temp work.       

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