A Few on Friday (On Saturday)

I know every one is waiting with breath that is bated, wondering where the regular Friday post was yesterday.  Wait no more, here she is.

What is your best way to thaw chicken?  I've got some sitting under cold running water right now and figure that at the rate it's going, it should be ready by next Wednesday.  My goal is to have it shredded and in a quesadilla by lunch time.  

One of my favorite parts of the weather getting warmer is digging out the iced coffee k cups and whipping up some iced coffee in my keurig.  If you are a fan of iced coffee and keurigs, run to your nearest Bed Bath and Beyond to pick up a box.  And then pick me up a box as I can't get it here.  My personal favorite is the Donut Shop brand.  Brewing is simple...here's what you do if you have a smaller machine as I do:  fill you coffee cup up with ice cubes, brew as you normally would. The coffee will melt some of the ice cubes but that's ok.  Fill a large cup with ice (I prefer one from Newks) and dump the coffee from the  coffee cup into the big cup.  Sweeten however you fancy and go on with your bad self.   

Check out that coffee cup...it was a Christmas gift from my friend Ben many many years ago.  It's my fave.

And if I had this, I bet it would be my fave...

find it here

While I'm pretend buying art I'll take a Lauren Barksdale too, please. 

find it here  why wont you center??

Hope you have something fun planned for this pretty, pretty day.  I'm looking forward to a chicken quesadilla and an afternoon outside at Websters for their annual Easter weekend crawfish party.  Then it's off to Greenville in the morning to hang out with the fam.  Fingers crossed my mom will hop down the hall way like the Easter bunny.  She does that sometimes....

Happy weekend and Easter!  Don't be a drag, just be a queen....


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