A Few on Friday


I went to Greenville yesterday for a budget committee meeting; a large time was had by all.  After dinner with my parents, I went back to my mom's house and we spent the evening trolling the world wide web for winter wedding inspiration.  The evening, for me, had two highlights.  The first was when, after each wedding blog we looked at, mom would shake her head and say "wow people really will do anything wont they?" or "anything goes these days." Agreed, mom.  My second highlight came when mom set off on a hunt to find HER wedding dress.  Is worth noting that in her wedding she had a daisy theme.  Heck yeah I wanted her to find that dress. 

She didn't find that dress but she did find my sisters dried bouquet, Chickey's debutante dress, Jennifer's wedding dress, a wide array of my dancing costumes.  It was an awesome trip down memory lane.  I would share pictures but I didn't take any as Chick had called and I was giving her the play by play.  

No trip to Greenville is complete without filling up ones bottle with some of that tasty Greenville water.  Anyone else with me on this?  I got sad when it was gone...

Another thing you must do when you are traveling through Washington County is stop at Connie's Kitchen

This box of goodness helped me to be the most popular girl at work today.  At least in my own mind. 

Looking for something to do this weekend?  Come on to Greenwood for River the the Rails.  Click here to see the line up. 

What's on your slate for the weekend?  Aside from R2R there's also an engagement party and some lounging around. 

Time to dig out the last season dresses.  I, however, I had my way, I would for sure be getting something new.  Like.....

find it here 

But not in this color.  My pale self needs something that's going to not make me look dead.

Maybe, I'll work on my tan this weekend.  Who's got my pool??   

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