A Few on Friday

Does anyone else say that they're not going to do something, or that something is dumb, and then they end up doing it?  I did that with skinny jeans.  In fact, I'm wearing some today. 

A few years ago, I overheard someone let out this huuuuuge sigh, exclaiming sadness related to not having time to read their Southern Living yet.  I thought to my little poor attitude self "Who the heck doesn't have time to read a magazine?  Oh your life is sooooo busy that you can't even read a magazine.  Dramatic much?"  Isn't that awful of me?  I'm working on my attitude, really I am.

Well as I often do, I ate crow this week and sighed loudly that I was three months behind on reading Real Simple.  Luckily, I curled up on my couch under blanket and was able to get the March issue almost knocked out.  Sunday, I'm tackling the rest.

Sticking to the theme of bad personal qualities, I'm extremely jealous of sister Chick today.  She gets to eat at a new place in Oxford called South Depot Taco Shop.  Tacos and going out for lunch are two of my favorite things.  And I guess crock pots and peanut butter are also two of my favorite things.  I have a lot of favorite things. 

I dealt with my jealousy by having my own version of lunch delight in the form of North Sunflower Medical Center's taco salad.  What appointment to try on wedding dresses July 22?  Please.   

Enough about my bad qualities.  Let's talk about fun stuff.  You and yours should completely and totally plan to bring it to Greenwood May 5 - 8 for the celebration of Robert Johnson's 100th birthday. 

Visit Greenwood Convention and Visitor Bureau's website for more information.  Find it here

And because she's just so dang cute here's some Miranda Lambert for you to sing to on this lovely Friday. 

Loves it. 

And loving this....

find it here

Raise the roof to the weekend.......

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  1. i finally read that real simple last night. as much as i love that magazine, it has been piling up around here lately too! i AM going to clean out my refrigerator soon though, and i switched my winter and summer clothes out today, all thanks to real simple!