(The) Help!

Seriously, help.  I've had some serious cooking struggles lately.  My dinner last night was for sure one for the trash...thank goodness for lean cuisines. 

Instead of sharing a recipe with you, I'll share the newly released trailer for The Help.  This movie was filmed in Greenwood last summer and we as a town are anxiously awaiting it's debut in August.  Keep your eyes peeled for a nurse walking in the background of a scene with a clipboard.  Unless the camera really does add ten pounds...then we're going to pretend that it's not me.  Or unless my scene is left somewhere on the cutting room floor.  Then there's no reason to even worry with what the camera adds. 

What have you been cooking lately?  Obviously, sister needs some help....


  1. didn't know you had a cameo! you'll have to tell me the exact time you cross the shot.