I've gotten a bit out of my normal bloggin' routine this week.  Have I been busy doing crunches to get ready for the upcoming nuptials?  No.  I've been doing everything but.  Things like eating dips and fried foods.  I'm allowed a week to celebrate right?  Time to get busy will be soon.  Not just because there's a weddin' in the future, but because it's just time to quit slacking.  Maybe I'll try this routine.

find it here

Or maybe not.  As I'd like to make it to December.  Fingers crossed there will be a lovely dusting of snow on Howard Street on 12.10.11.  Also known as Mississippi's birthday.  And Brandon's cousin's Sam's birthday.  And my wedding date. 


For you foodies out there, I've got some baked ziti in the oven right now.  If it's good, and it smells like it will be, I'll share it with you tomorrow.  Woo!   


  1. I will be joining you in the whole "losing weight" game after Kittrell is born- so we can happily suffer and try to kill ourselves exercising together. (ok- so not literally.. but you know) Yay for the wedding date!

  2. i'll mark the calendar!!! i'm so glad i have over a year to get these wings into shape. where are you going to have it?