Country Crusin' with Clare

I have never piled up into a car with my family, driven to a bean field, and watched deer. 

But I did yesterday. 

Well not exactly.  Not with my family, but with friend Clare's family.  They do stuff like that.  I'm glad I was able to do it with them. 

The deer are hangin' in this been field, trying to avoid the flood waters on the other side of the levee.  This reminded me not only of the beauty of nature, but also of how terrible my eyesight is.  I couldn't see the deer until they started moving.  This is why the picture above is only of a field, Clare's hair, and her pointing finger. 

Thanks Clare for a fun night!   

My time spent in Rosedale meant that I had to come to work this morning via Cleveland.  I took full advantage of this by stopping off at the Delta Grind (Hey Laura Beth!)  and hooking myself up with a cafe au lait wit skim milk. 

For those of you counting, it was 2 points plus for a large (16 oz.)  Unless, of course, my cup was not a 16 oz.  Which is entirely possible since I have no concept of space and measurement.  Paired with 6 fresh strawberries and 2 morning star farms breakfast patties (4 points plus for 2), it was a kickin' breakfast.

Happy Wednesday!    

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