A Few on Friday

Few on Friday, I've missed you. 

I love Beyonce.  Love her.  I also love JayZ but that's a whole other post in itself.  My most recent Beyonce based fascination comes from her involvement in the First Lady's Lets Move campaign.  Such a cool concept.  Such a needed program.  Such a great song.  Let's dance, party people.  

What about the Mighty Mississippi being all crazy with trying to flood we Deltians out of house and home?  We should be fine where I am but I'm definitely saying some prayers for people that are closer to the danger.  Want to see some pics of the rapidly rising water?  Check out my buddy Kallie's blog for a look into how quickly the water is creeping up on them.

In the words of Hunter S. Thompson..."Call on God, but row away from the rocks." And thanks, Katie, for posting that awesome quote on your FB profile.

I'm traveling to my sister's next week to begin Operation H.A.A., which stands for Help Alex Adjust.  Why is she adjusting?  Because the new baby is coming to town!  I'm going to try my hand at being a single mom and will attempt to raise a two year old, cook meals, blog, exercise, and keep house.  It will be an experiment of sorts.  Your job is to give your suggestions (either in comments or by emailing me) of activities and meals that I can try out with the Baby Girl.  Who's not such a baby anymore.  But who will still be referred to as the Baby Girl.  And the new baby will be referred to as BDub.  At least in my corner of the world.  I'm not sure what her mother will call her, nickname wise.  Anywho.  Help me out all you moms out there....

Looking for plans this weekend?  You know you need to come to the Robert Johnson Festival in Greenwood.  I'll be selling beers for Main Street Greenwood tonight from 6 - 8 so stop on by and say hello. 

Would love this cute little tshirt dress to wear to the fest..

find it here

And I wouldn't turn this bag down...

Find it here
Derby's this weekend.  Which is fun. I'm a fan of the Derby and will be there in person one day.  I can't talk much about horses because my horse loving sister has decided that pharmacy school finals trump the Kentucky Derby but I can talk hats.  And interesting facts.  Like how 23 year old Rosie Napravnik will be the 6th woman ever to ride in the race.  And how as a child, Chick wanted to be a jockey; dad had to break the news to her that her height would probably prevent that from happening. 

Take note of how she's almost as tall as the horses. 
Love you, Chickey. 

And love you, weekend.

And I forgot to talk about hats.   

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  1. two year old activities....the park, walks, zoo, coloring, baths, independent play/self entertainment {I'm a huge fan of that}, listening to music, playing with the water hose/sprinkler, watching TV. There's no shame in a little TV.

    meals...oatmeal with blueberries and brown sugar, pb&j, scrambled eggs, spaghetti {S. Small's personal fave}, grilled cheese, chicken nuggets, fries, baked potato, and ice cream!!!

    Congrats on the new baby to come, Auntie!!!

    I always look forward to a few on FRIDAY!!!