A Few on Friday

You know what you get when Blogger acts like a complete jerk and doesn't let anyone post anything?  Lots of two posts in one day action, that's what.

This first portion of a few on Friday is for my mom.  She requested that I post this video so that all of her friends could see it.  If you're friends with either me or my sister on the facebook, you've probably already seen it.  I know I've watched it no less than 572 times.  Give or take. 

Ok so I can't figure out how to make the video load.  I'm real sorry.  Maybe you can click here and check it out.  It's a long shot, but maybe.  Or befriend me on the facebook...you can see it there!  

It's times like this that I'm glad that I'm the middle child and not the oldest....I can practice holding infants that belong to someone else before (God willing) I have my own.  My skillz have for sure improved with this latest niece, I'm not as terrified when I hold her and can do things like switch her to my other arm so that I can have a sip of my wine.  Kidding.  Or am I? 

Enough about the new baby.  Ha!  Not! One more pic....Alex helping BJ carry her in.  Please take note of Carter the Miniature Collie also getting in on the action.  Yes she picked that bow out and yes I'm fully aware that it does not match.  It was the fourth (and final) bow of the day...

And moving on.

And I just got distracted for like 45 minutes on twitter.  Do you ever just long for the days of car phones and pagers?  I, myself, never had a pager but I for sure had that massive weapon of a car phone in the first Honda.  But back to my original point, technology is a time suck.  

Is anyone else familiar with this song?  I'm going to need a vote.  My brother in law was making a little fun of me and Jen earlier when we hadn't.  That being said...he's never heard the "come on barbie let's go party song" sooooooo people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, man.

Speaking of my brother in law, he's huffing right now as I type this.  Apparently the Ole Miss / MS State baseball game could be going better for him. 

Cakebread is good and I am tired (and maybe a touch delirious)...I bid you goodnight. 

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  1. Never heard of this song, but there is one called ice cream and cake to the same beat. It was played at Elly's gymnastics birthday party.