Gina's Huevos Rancheros

Happy Cinco de Mayo! 

I celebrated "Prenco" de Mayo last night by having some huevos rancheros.  In fact, I made huenvos rancheros for a band of Brandon's hungry friends.  Well really it was just three of them. But as I often do, I found myself in the weeds.  So in the weeds, in fact, that I didn't even get a picture.  

That's not true.  I got a picture. It was one of the fisheye pictures as my phone was almost dead.  I see a pattern emerging here....

Moving on.  The fisheye picture didn't really speak to me so here's a shot of the dish lifted from the site the recipe is from.  

find it here

And you know what?  While where just lifting things from other sites...here's a link to the recipe.  Someone doesn't feel like copying the recipe.  I changed absolutely nothing about it and am kind of having a moment of lazy.  I have lots of those actually.  Moments of lazy, that is.   

Click here to get the recipe for huevos rancheros....   

This dish was really really good.  One of the boys in attendance proclaimed it very "fresh tasting" and of course, Brandon will eat anything if you put a fried egg on it.  And Lindsey....this one's gluten free.  You're welcome. 

Happy Cinco de Mayo!  Just in case you were wondering, a standard margarita is 9 points plus.  Stick with a miller lite, people. 

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  1. Thank you for taking my food allergies into consideration Dizz!! Now if only I would take them into consideration as well....